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Universities & Educational Institutions

The unique approach to energy optimization developed by SMi-Enerpro is the key method for obtaining ideal production efficiency for the campus’ steam, chilled water and electricity generation facilities.

University campus systems end up using more energy than they need to satisfy ever changing comfort levels, such as, heating, and cooling requirements. With our energy optimization technologies, campuses can reduce energy consumption, costs and environmental impacts for each buildings.
We have developed a specialized program for university campus optimization. This program enhances building performance by identifying and implementing low-cost operational and maintenance changes, as well as maintains this new optimized state through real-time monitoring and response system.

The optimization of campus’ energy systems presents significant opportunities for educational facilities to reduce energy, as well as operation and maintenance costs. Most educational institutions must deal with a patchwork of old and new equipment, varying levels of operational efficiency, and the lack of a campus energy management system to control overall energy use. For public institutions, stricter energy consumption rules can stress budgets as funds are sought for mandated upgrades.

SMi-Enerpro’s energy efficiency expertise provides educational institutions with the energy retrofit projects needed to fulfill their needs while reducing the ongoing utility costs. This reduction allows for an increase  in capital for future development investments. We can modernize a single facility or provide comprehensive campus-wide energy retrofits projects, built from best of class energy-efficient and recovered energy solutions. Our solutions can be financed entirely with capital collected from the campus current energy budget. Recovered energy systems lower energy costs, reduce reliance on the power grid, allow carbon credit, increase energy security and diminish the environmental footprint of the institution.