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A Challenging Environment.

Museums, with their high ceilings, special lighting and often stringent humidity control requirements, represent extreme challenges in terms of energy. When you add to the mix the heating (winter) and cooling (summer) with different set points in each room, energy optimization becomes a challenge.

In order to ensure the artifact preservation, very demanding requirements are set in the exhibition and storage rooms. The requirement demand a specific ambient temperature and a specific relative humidity. These levels can only fluctuate across a narrow range. The systems require air conditioning and dehumidification in summer, and heating and humidification in winter. In general, these requirements translate into large amounts of energy consumed annually.

Our expertise in museum’s environments gives us the ability to provide the desired temperature and humidity in each room at a much lower energy cost. Our projects decrease the electricity consumption, the amount of steam and chilled water used, by implementing specific design and control innovations. These improvements not only achieve large energy reductions but also significantly increase environmental conditions stability, and the comfort level of museum visitors and staff.