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We Optimize

Savings Made Easy!

SMi-Enerpro is a supplier of energy-efficient solutions.
Our solutions enable existing buildings to reduce their utility invoices.

We optimize your facilities by introducing improvements that lower energy and operating costs. As a result, we allow our clients to enhance their building’s environment, inside and out. Utilizing SMi-Enerpro’s expertise will contribute to the reduction of your environmental footprint.

We analyze the HVAC systems, equipment and processes within a building. This initial investigation helps SMi-Enerpro identify energy and operational efficiency opportunities which will improve the overall facility performance. We maximize the savings by implementing our patent pending technologies, allowing our solutions to eliminate wasted energy and to maximize energy recovery.

We believe that saved energy is the single most important source of future energy. In fact, saved energy reduces our dependency from utility companies and allows time for the research and development of more efficient power generation sources.